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Louisville, KY

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We disrupted the traditional medical supply chain to bring you low cost, certified, in-stock PPE.

VexStar®Medical Supply is a Source International subsidiary providing complete oversight and supply chain management for our line of high quality, reliable PPE products.  Our PPE supply chain verification program includes:

  • Detailed specifications that meet all international standards including Food and Drug Administration (FDA), The American National Standards Institute (ANSI), International Safety Equipment Association (ISEA),  and Nelson Labs Standard Test Protocols.
  • Ultra modern global manufacturing facilities with cutting edge capabilities
  • Quality assurance from our own team of quality professionals
  • FDA Registration No. 300297718
  • Immediate shipment availability

You can be sure of reliable PPE quality that meets or exceeds FDA standards and get it shipped next day from our extensive in-stock inventory.


What makes you different?

We have the very best, certified PPE products available, in stock and at the most competitive prices in the industry. And, we care enough to go the extra mile to serve you. Source International has a 30+ year on-the-ground track record and has been responsible for over $5 billion in shipments since 1988.

Company Information

  • Founded in 1988

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Equipment Categories Served

  • Infection Prevention