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XS Supply (est. 2015) is a rapidly-growing medical supply company that focuses on creative, customizable solutions to alleviate budgetary stresses of the supply chain in hospitals and surgical centers.

Our company’s goal from the start was to make a positive impact on healthcare. We help reduce waste at surgical facilities by purchasing their unused surplus inventory. We are then able to sell those inventory items at a discounted rate to our customers who use them

XS Supply currently works with over five hundred medical facilities which include small surgical centers as well as large complex health systems. We understand the challenges facilities face. From contractual obligations, physician-preferences and budgetary restraints, we find ways to work around these challenges by providing savings to our clients as well as building long-term relationships.

Even though XS Supply operates on a non-contractual basis, we are still able to save many larger hospitals upward of $100,000 per month. XS Supply works to fill the gaps by focusing on products with lower compliance as well as higher cost items. XS Supply specializes in helping hospitals find cost savings for their surgical devices from many major manufacturers. Whether your hospital has non-moving inventory you’re looking to liquidate, or you’re looking for better pricing on products you’re already purchasing, XS Supply can help!

With a large network of distribution sources, XS Supply can typically save you 10-60% on any given item (especially those used in general surgery). Even with tremendous growth and great ability to help health facilities with their budgetary needs, we never lose sight of what really matters: the people behind the scenes. To quote CSO, Jon Bird: “We grew this company with two things in mind… personal and professional growth of our people, and making savings easy for our customers.”

Company Information

  • Founded in 2015

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Additional Facts

  • Made in USA

Equipment Categories Served

  • Infection Prevention
  • Surgical Disposables
  • Surgical Instruments