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SONO Advanced Ultrasound Solutions

Murrieta, CA

Supplier of SONO disinfecting wipes 

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Ultrasound Device Compatibility - That’s our thing!

One of the major challenges faced by hospitals today is the increased service costs of ultrasound probe repair. We work closely with clinical engineering departments, asset management groups and hospital CFOs to explain the negative impact of using products that cause damage to their medical devices.

The industry’s testing procedures aren’t working. OEMs have products listed on their compatibility lists that are causing damage to the medical devices they are used on. The manufacturers of the disinfectants claim to be compatible, but there’s still damage being done. This led us to create a testing process first rather than a disinfecting solution. Once we perfected the testing process, we found a proprietary solution that we knew wouldn’t damage the equipment. Using SONO’s compatibility test, the effect of a given solution on a chosen probe can be tested in approximately 96 hours and represents 1 year of wiping a device 5 times a day.

Recognized by some of the Medical Device Giants, SONO has been able to have relationships with a number of high profile clients in the ultrasound industry. OEMs are reaching out to understand SONO’s proprietary testing method and how it can help them be less dependent on that part of their business.

SONO was developed with a “Family Business” mindset. With founders coming from a working environment that brings family-based values into a big industry, SONO makes it possible to conduct ethical and efficient business.

With a keen eye on the future, SONO aims to collaborate with more ultrasound original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) where the products can be tested to assure quality and compatibility in a timely manner. We are also developing a state-of-the-art compatibility testing center in 2019 to focus on strengthening the relationships with medical device manufacturers as well as adding testing for critical and semi-critical devices.

What makes you different?

Our proprietary compatibility testing is our main focus. Our solutions will not damage medical devices.

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