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Iselin, NJ

Leading supplier of healthcare safety solutions

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Company Description

Ansell is a leading global provider of protection solutions. Our family of user-designed healthcare safety devices enhances ergonomics and safety in the workplace and helps improve the protection of patients.

Under the umbrella of the SANDEL® Safety Solutions brand, Ansell provides products in the following categories:

• Staff and Patient Ergonomics

• Fluid Management and Trip Protection

• Room Turnover / Linens / Cleaning Supplies

• Sharps Safety

• Never Event Protection

We offer a variety of ergonomic solutions including step-stools, anti-fatigue mats, and sit-stand stools for the O.R. and other hospital areas, as well as patient transfer and room turnover products. In addition, Ansell is a leader in sharps safety and never event protection.

What makes you different?

Ansell collaborates with healthcare professionals to identify issues leading to the design and development of innovative, cost-effective safety solutions.

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