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iMedrix Inc.

Milpitas, CA

iMedrix’ KardioScreen is the leader in mobile ECG. FDA approved, 150,000+ acute/non-acute patients and trusted by industry leaders.

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Company Description

KardioScreen - Medical is the new Mobile™.

The best minds in Cardiology, Mobility, Healthcare and Networking have come together to build iMedrix as a leader in early detection and prevention of Cardiovascular disease. We live the vision, Medical is the new Mobile™

KardioScreen, our FDA cleared mobile-connected ECG device is the most widely deployed portable medical grade device and AI platform for early detection of heart disease. It is quick and simple; can be used by unskilled operators anywhere, while connecting to remote physicians in real time. iMedrix’s powerful analytics improve outcomes and accelerate disruptive economic benefit for all stakeholders. KardioScreen is used in home health, aged care, public health screening, point of care, for hub and spoke, pharma analytics, ambulance/STEMI response and ICU monitoring.

KardioScreen takes ECGs beyond the bulky portables into a pocket-size, medical grade solution with sophisticated risk analytics and clinical intelligence in an affordable solution. It comes embedded with superior security protocols, enabling our clients deal with the real threats that compromise data in mobile and telehealth settings. KardioScreen has undergone multiple clinical trials in a variety of application segments and use models. The reports are available for review by medical professionals, upon request.

KardioScreen’s popularity comes from high throughput, simple to use, robust design that survives harsh conditions and a low total cost of ownership (TCO). Leading partners like Medtronic and Abbott have effectively demonstrated use models where early detection, testing and treatment has delivered significant benefits for patients by avoiding premature mortality. As a mobile-connected ECG solution, KardioScreen has served 150,000+ patients worldwide.

Kardioscreen is best-in class: world leaders like Medtronic, Abbott, Philips, Sanofi, AIIMS, Cipla and other pharma leaders are successfully leveraging its capabilities to detect and manage heart disease, worldwide.

iMedrix’ KardioScreen is proudly manufactured at our Newark, CA plant in the USA to the highest industry standards.

COVID-19 has made the world acknowledge Telehealth as an imminent need for patient care. iMedrix is the partner of choice in your journey to deliver superior patient care. We are probably the only real time mobile medical grade ECG solution that is widely deployed today.

COVID-19 has further enhanced KardioScreen utility with a growing demand to use our self-use / patient distancing mode of operation that requires minimal or no physical proximity between the patient and healthcare worker. This means reduced disinfection process before re-use, thus directly impacting infection propagation. The case is also valid for home health and aged care service providers who are using the quick training and rapid deployment model to enable ECG administration for their members.

In an effort to reduce fatalities of heart disease patients in the current global health crisis, iMedrix is offering compassionate pricing to providers for Covid-19 response procurement, non-profits, public health agencies and academic medical institutions.

What makes you different?

KardioScreen provides medical grade accuracy even in field/mobile/home settings and yet is easy to use. KardioScreen has significantly lower cost of ownership and operation.

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