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A new year means a new budget, and with that comes the need to get rid of old equipment to make room for new products. WestCMR, an OpenMarkets Supplier, buys in-date unused surgical disposable supplies that will not be used before expiration. Instead of listing every piece of equipment for sale individually, WestCMR makes it easy with a simple template for providers to fill out with information for many different products at once. 

This list can be submitted on the OpenMarkets Exchange and can save valuable time while selling equipment. When submitting the template, make sure that the following are included in order to get you the best quotes possible:

• Product REF#

• Quantities/UOM

• Expiration dates 

WestCMR provides a fair market value proposal to purchase supplies before expiration, putting money back into the budget to use on new equipment. Since 1997, WestCMR has purchased the widest variety of surgical disposables in the industry, from over 1,000 hospitals and surgery centers! 

WestCMR did just this for a hospital in Chicago, purchasing their used surgical instruments within a week of being listed on The Exchange. The conversation was simple and quick, making it easy for the hospital!

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