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Mennen Medical is a leader in patient monitoring, diagnostic instrumentation and clinical information systems for hospital based cardiac catheterization, electrophysiology and critical care applications, with over 50 years as a vital signs monitoring technologies developer and manufacturer.

Mennen Medical’s monitoring solutions provide department to hospital data connectivity tailor-made to the institute’s requirements. The company’s headquarters are based in Israel, and includes two fully owned subsidiaries in the US (Mennen Medical Corporation – MMC).

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Vitalogik 4000/4500 Patient Monitor - Compact transport pre-configured multi-parameter patient monitoring system

Vitalogik 6000 Patient Monitor - Pre-configured multi-parameter patient bedside monitor with a 15″ flat screen display and a battery back-up

Xvu Hemodynamic Monitoring System - Ultra modern user interface and exceptionally accurate analysis system designed for network connectivity and efficient workflow integration