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Scottsdale, AZ

The leader in mini C-Arm imaging

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Company Description

OrthoScan is a global medical device company based in Scottsdale, Arizona, USA. We were founded in 2002, and remain a privately held company. Since our founding, we have become the leader in the mini c-arm market, an innovator in clinical imaging, and are continuing to develop orthopaedic imaging devices with the backing of our ownership group ATON GmbH. Our first entry in the imaging market was the OrthoScan HD Mini C-Arm, which is used for fluoroscopic imaging of the extremities in orthopaedic surgery and for digital diagnostic imaging in the office. Our second product introduced was the Mobile DI fluoroscope which enables orthopaedic imaging in a smaller, lightweight design ideal for clinical use and remote/rugged applications. We continue to build on the original concept of the mini c-arm and focus on unique subsets of medical imaging in which we can innovate with cutting-edge technical features, and provide value to our customers by keeping our infrastructure and corporate overhead minimized.

Our distribution strategy is centered on the imaging needs of the orthopaedic surgeon and the reporting and workflow needs of the radiology department. We believe that this sales distribution combination offers us a unique network of customer relationships and technical expertise in orthopaedic imaging. We realize that our products are integral to your operational workflow. OrthoScan provides an unparalleled commitment to service and support for our customers, maximizing up-time and minimizing costs. With industry-leading turn times for service and support, we offer innovative features via continued software updates, biomedical training for your staff, and in-service training for your technicians and operators.

What makes you different?

OrthoScan, Inc., the global leader in mini c-arm imaging, leverages the latest technology and capabilities to continually set new standards in orthopaedic imaging with unmatched quality, innovation, and service.

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