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Cutting-edge cleaning and disinfection

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Cleaning and disinfecting technology is advancing. For a decade, R-Water has been dedicated to developing environmentally friendly disinfecting and cleaning solutions that meet and exceed your needs and expectations. Once you try the solutions, you’ll be amazed at how water-based products consistently outperform the competition. Why? Because R-Water solutions contain only the active ingredients that do the work.

The TC-RU computerized device produces two nontoxic, water-based solutions that were formulated with both caregivers and patients in mind, to work better and faster than known chemical competitors. This advancement in cleaning and disinfecting technology saves lives, while saving you time and money.

TK60 ONE-STEP DISINFECTANT (Solution Composition: 99.98% H2O, 0.02% HOCl)
• Kills 99.9997% of C. diff spores in one minute.
• Complies with OSHA and CDC standards for use against blood-borne pathogens.
• Does not promote the formation of resistant strains of pathogens.
• Replaces disinfectants, disinfecting wipes, sanitizers, deodorizers, and window cleaners.

TK60 Efficacy Testing Results
EPA GLP Study (P. aeruginosa & S. aureus)……….100% Kill in 60 Seconds
C. diff Spores (C. difficile spores)……….99.9997% Kill in 60 Seconds
Tbuerculosis/TB (M. bovis)………………..100% Kill in 60 Seconds
Black Mold (A. brasiliensis)………………..100% Kill in 60 Seconds

FC+ ALL-PURPOSE CLEANER (Solution Composition: 99.95% H2O, 0.05% NaOH)
• Improves traction (coefficient of friction) on floors; reduces risk of slips and falls.
• No Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs).
• Removes build-up left behind by harsh chemicals.
• Replaces all-purpose cleaners, degreasers, and carpet, floor, and grout cleaners.

What makes you different?

Implementing innovative solutions that work faster and are more effective than your old chemicals will make your job easier and save you money. J-fill dilution systems filled with hazardous chemicals are a thing of the past. R-Water’s patented device that produces nontoxic cleaning and disinfecting solutions on-site is the future; providing healthcare facilities with two valuable solutions that align with the CDC’s mission to prevent infection disease and address OSHA’s aim to limit exposure in the workplace. In healthcare, clean, germ-free surfaces are crucial to patient outcomes.When you consider that nosocomial infections directly cost the healthcare industry almost $10 billion per year, it’s clear that R-Water’s solutions are the smart and affordable investment your organization should make for you and your patients’ health. Efficacy testing results are available upon request.

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