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Radiology Oncology Systems, Inc.

San Diego, CA

Global provider of refurbished radiation therapy and diagnostic imaging equipment.

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Company Description

Radiology Oncology Systems (R.O.S.) was formed in 1997 with the goal of providing radiation oncology and diagnostic imaging facilities around the world with quality, cost-effective solutions (i.e. linear accelerators, CT Scanners, PET/CT and MRI systems and other ancillary products.) We also provide installation, parts support and warranty, as well as room/vault upgrades and modifications.

At R.O.S., we believe that every cancer patient in the world should have access to quality radiation therapy for their treatment and care and that every sick or injured person deserves to have their illness or injury diagnosed with quality imaging equipment. Every year, we continue to discover more opportunities to place quality, used equipment in areas that otherwise could not sustain quality, healthcare facilities. We support every clinician who seeks to expand the reach of medical care to areas that would not otherwise support it.

What makes you different?

We are the world’s leading provider of both radiation oncology and diagnostic imaging, refurbished equipment solutions, including Linear Accelerator, CT Scanner/Simulator, MRI, PET C/T, and C-Arm.

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