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Scientific Air Management

Pompano Beach, FL

Manufacturer of portable UV-C devices that attack and kill airborne pathogens

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Company Description

Scientific Air Management (SAM) is engineering air for a safer environment. 

Using patented technology, SAM Air Disinfection devices achieve rapid 99.9995% pathogen reduction in rooms up to 800 square feet in under 30 minutes.

SAM’s Patented Pathogen Suspension Technology is created specifically for today’s Hospital HVAC environmental systems which are moving more and more air (CFM’s) than ever before. Powerful, quiet, mobile, and ozone free, SAM kills virus, bacteria, mold, while reducing particulates and removing odor in minutes.

Pathogen reduction efficiency has been proven in the nation’s only EPA Guideline Full Room Size Aerosol Chamber.

What makes you different?

There is no other devise available that is as powerful, compact, mobile, efficient, and value-priced in the portable air disinfection class – Period!

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