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Staxi Corporation

Ontario, Canada

Exceeding the standards for patient transportation. 

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Company Description

From conception nearly two decades ago, staxi® has risen to create new levels of quality in both products and service. staxi® is a customer-focused and “people & family” orientated company that delivers quality and innovative products mirrored by internal and external excellence. The staxi® transport chair proudly serves hospitals, airports and venues throughout the world, redefining expectation wherever it is located.

staxi® is now well established as the choice for patient or passenger transportation. Whether it’s within the hospital, airport, stadium or mall – staxi® works within all market sectors. Moreover, we’re now Worldwide – from Singapore to Sacramento and countless points in-between, staxi’s proven technology, quality build are complimented by our customer satisfaction and retention.

staxi® redefines the design of safe and secure patient transportation. The stack-able (space-saving and easy to find), non-folding staxi® features the revolutionary “fail-safe braking system” – staxi® will only move when the brake is engaged! Designed from conception to be safe and secure! The height of the back of the chair is also designed to afford the attendant a comfortable position to engage the chair without stooping (reduced stress and back pain). staxi® is perfectly balanced in the weight distribution between the rear wheels and front casters. Regular wheelchairs typically have a weight ratio of 1 to 1, which puts too much weight on the front casters, causing them to squirm, making the chair harder to push. The staxi® chair’s weight ratio is 2 times the weight on the rear wheels to 1 on the front casters, this weight distribution makes staxi® much more maneuverable and requiring a lot less effort to push.  With staxi® there’s no noise, no rattle – just a smooth safe roll!

What makes you different?

The safety, security and stack-ability of Staxi chairs is one-of-a-kind in healthcare.

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