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Triagetech LLC

Dallas - Fort Worth, TX

Triagetech LLC is a Software, Document Management and Office Solutions Company.

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Company Description

Triagetech LLC is a Software, Document Management, Office Solutions Company which focuses on products and services that drive best case results in cost improvement, productivity gain and office productivity. Whether it be communication software, workflow and document hardware and management solutions, Triagetech LLC brings over 35 years of Performance Based Technology deliverables.

Canon USA Scanners and Imaging solutions completely complement Triagetech’s enterprise level cost management, cost improvement programs.  Canon is the only manufacture to offer the scanner “fleet builder” program which is where you buy a quantity of scanners (usually around 25% and you receive free scanners usually around 75% FREE. Yes we said FREE.  While Triagetech and Canon blend models to assure a nice blend of scanners the truth is you really do receive more FREE* SCANNERS THAN YOU BUY.   This program is unmatched by any manufacturer and saves the hospital BIG dollars. By offering free scanners at this level they promote their “effective revenue cycle strategy program”.  (ER-CSP) This unbeatable promotion was created to exposed and eliminate the unnecessary overspending found in most cases. 

The truth is a hospital’s revenue cycle can be negatively impacted if their scanner deployment is incorrect or ineffective, who really knows what percentage of revenue scanners deliver to the over all revenue number, but most CEO’s consider it to be significant and serious enough to make sure that the scanners that are capturing new patient data all over the hospital be part of an effective well thought out strategy for delivering the highest possible health care at the best possible price.

Most document scanning strategies within a hospital are not effective. Though the intial installation and deployment of scanners falls on I.T., the management of those assets isn’t, often falling on operations or facilities.  Neither of those two departments actually order new scanners and purchasing does so, typically because someone submitted a purchase request. Because these devices are actually managed by many business units and silos within the hospital enterprise they’re seldom deployed as part of an effective deployment and management program. Thus the opportunity!

Triagetech and Canon through programs like the scanner “fleet builder” program continue to make the invisible, visible and find more times than not a goldmine of opportunity for hard cost savings for any hospital.  

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Unbeatable promotions!

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