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Oceanside, CA

Provider of medical equipment disposition services.

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Company Description

ZRG LLC is a woman-owned and managed asset disposition company that specializes in medical equipment, and is also an R2 Certified Recycler. ZRG is able to remove surplus equipment from hospitals, including items that are reusable and those that are not. ZRG responsibly recycles items that cannot be reused and refurbishes and resells medical equipment that has value. ZRG has biomedical equipment technicians on staff who thoroughly test and repair medical equipment for resale to dealers and end-users. ZRG not only sells quality refurbished medical equipment but it also provides medical rental services and parts for repair.

What makes you different?

ZRG LLC removes all surplus, including items that must be responsibly recycled. ZRG LLC pays the hospital up front for the medical equipment and removes it from their facility.

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