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  • Modern software creating a new way to sell
  • Product positioning within Provider's workflow and management tools
  • Collaboration opportunities with providers in the OpenMarkets Exchange
  • "Better than working with the GPO's"
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FEB 21, 2018

Doctor's Hospital Takes Advantage of Great Pricing for Stretchers

The Supply Chain Team at Doctor's Hospital at Renaissance in Texas was able to cut their planned spend in half on the OpenMarkets Exchange.

FEB 16, 2018

Beds & Stretchers cost up to 52% less on OpenMarkets than the average price tracked by ECRI

The price of beds and stretchers is rising as they get high-tech features added on. Using OpenMarkets to research your options and competit...


JAN 30, 2018

Ultrasound Market Trends & Analysis

When in the market to buy or sell ultrasound equipment, awareness of market trends and purchasing considerations is essential. OpenMarkets’...

JAN 16, 2018

Guthrie Clinic Stretched their Capital Budget by $20,000 Buying a Refurbished Olympus Bronchoscope through OpenMarkets

The Guthrie Clinic had an emergency request for a bronchoscope, but didn't have the budget for a brand-new Olympus model. So they turned to...


“Capital is a huge portion of the support system for hospitals. Every day, new requirements are put on providers to cut costs, be expeditious, and provide high-quality care. OpenMarkets is an innovative solution to the capital process, and enables us to achieve and exceed those objectives."

Régine Honoré Villain

VP of Supply Chain Operations at NYU Langone

Hundreds of healthcare equipment buyers and sellers are in the OpenMarkets network and committed to providing the very best patient care:

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