Providers stretch their equipment spend by 10% simply by working with suppliers on The Exchange. It’s that simple.


  • Modern software for equipment buying and capital management
  • Create visibility across clinical, finance, and supply chain stakeholders
  • Get quotes from suppliers for any equipment item in the OpenMarkets Exchange
  • Save a ton of time
  • Stay smart with best practice education on all things capital


  • Modern software creating a more efficient way to sell
  • Product positioning within Provider's workflow and management tools
  • Collaboration opportunities with providers in the OpenMarkets Exchange
  • "Better than working with the GPO's"
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JUL 27, 2017

OpenMarkets Continues Dramatic Growth as Healthcare Embraces a New Way to Buy & Sell Equipment

OpenMarkets continues to grow, with nearly 400 hospitals collaborating with leading equipment suppliers to drive waste out of the healthcar...

JUL 18, 2017

OpenMarkets Exhibiting at AHRMM17; Hosting an Insider Tour of D.C.

Two cool events from OpenMarkets at the AHRMM 17 conference. First is a free, locally led night tour of the DC monuments. Second is a serie...


AUG 3, 2017

Best Practices in Healthcare Equipment Negotiating: Negotiate in Bundles

Negotiating in Bundles can save providers tons of money and help suppliers lower their cost of sale. Organizations just need a simple way t...

JUL 31, 2017

Best Practices in Healthcare Equipment Negotiating: BATNA

Establishing your Best Alternative to a Negotiation Agreement (BATNA) is a critical best practice for any buyer or seller of healthcare equ...


“Capital is a huge portion of the support system for hospitals. Every day, new requirements are put on providers to cut costs, be expeditious, and provide high-quality care. OpenMarkets is an innovative solution to the capital process, and enables us to achieve and exceed those objectives."

Régine Honoré Villain

VP of Supply Chain Operations at NYU Langone

Hundreds of healthcare equipment buyers and sellers are in the OpenMarkets network and committed to providing the very best patient care:

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