Providers stretch their equipment spend by 10% simply by working with suppliers on The Exchange. It’s that simple.


  • Find new equipment products, fast & easy in Exchange
  • Create visibility across clinical, finance, and supply chain stakeholders
  • Stretch your capital budget by more than 10%
  • Unlock the data you need to proactively work with suppliers
  • Stay smart with best practice education on all things capital


  • Modern software creating a new way to sell
  • Product positioning within Provider's workflow and management tools
  • Collaboration opportunities with providers in the OpenMarkets Exchange
  • "Better than working with the GPO's"
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OCT 23, 2017

Mayo Clinic’s Approach to Managing Equipment Freight and Logistics Costs

Featuring Matt Wood, manager of freight programs at Mayo Clinic, the October installment of the OpenMarkets Healthcare Broadcast Series tac...

SEP 22, 2017

October Supply Chain Broadcast: Innovative Approach to Freight and Logistics

Freight charges can account for up to 4% of the average cost for any capital equipment purchase. Across the $30 billion spent by U.S. healt...


OCT 11, 2017

The Top Six Capital Equipment Purchasing Trends for Quarter 4

The OpenMarkets data team continues to find vital insights from sifting through the purchase and request data of the hospitals in our commu...

SEP 12, 2017

Multiparty Negotiations | Best Practice #6

Trusted 3rd parties can help supply chain providers with equipment searches for ultrasounds, surgical tables, defibrillators and more.


“Capital is a huge portion of the support system for hospitals. Every day, new requirements are put on providers to cut costs, be expeditious, and provide high-quality care. OpenMarkets is an innovative solution to the capital process, and enables us to achieve and exceed those objectives."

Régine Honoré Villain

VP of Supply Chain Operations at NYU Langone

Hundreds of healthcare equipment buyers and sellers are in the OpenMarkets network and committed to providing the very best patient care:

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