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Marketing & Sales Opportunities For Healthcare Equipment Suppliers

Why list on OpenMarkets?

Hundreds of healthcare providers use OpenMarkets to research equipment and collaborate with suppliers. Listing your products is how you'll stay in front of the competition.

Create visibility

OpenMarkets connects you to sales opportunities across a growing community of providers, including small hospitals, large IDN's and non-acute facilities.  

This is cost-effective lead generation

OpenMarkets creates actionable leads, not wide contracts and hunting licenses.

Norma Flood

The OpenMarkets Exchange platform has brought over 70 leads to my organization in the last 8 months. This has allowed us to engage with potential customers that we may not have been working with in the past. The Exchange helps drive down sales costs by bringing opportunities to us when the providers deem the time is right. New customers are reaching out to us when they are ready to engage. This saves us incredibly valuable sales time.

Norma Flood, Sr. Manager, Business Development
Philips Healthcare

Today's Healthcare Providers are changing.

Decision makers in the healthcare supply chain are looking for a better way to operate. They're doing their product research online and seeking ways to reach out to suppliers on their own timeline. Progressive suppliers use this to their advantage and partner with OpenMarkets as a smart marketing channel. Traditional sales processes are augmented by in-bound leads, keeping costs low and setting the stage for efficient collaboration. 

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