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OpenMarkets is the leading online platform for buying, selling and managing health care equipment, used by hundreds of hospitals and equipment suppliers to facilitate transactions and communications in the $80BN health care capital market.


In 2011 our Founder Dan Michalek recognized a problem in the health care equipment purchasing industry. Health providers and suppliers were not taking advantage of the their buying opportunities by leveraging their intent and volume. Far too often, suppliers struggled with a high cost-of-sale when working with providers, spending endless cycles determining what was needed, when, and why. This struggle existed because health care providers themselves couldn't answer these questions.

This problem and opportunity was validated by two of the best minds in the health care business - Alan Weinstein, founder and former President of Premier, Inc., and John Strong, former President and CEO of Consorta. Both of these experienced health care leaders continue to advise OpenMarkets today.

In our early years, OpenMarkets focused exclusively on helping hospitals better understand what they needed to buy and when. Now, with this solved, OpenMarkets serves a unique role in the health care supply chain as the only platform used by both buyers and sellers to improve how they work together. For far too long health care providers and their core equipment supplier partners have struggled with incomplete data, poor software and uncertain financial outlooks. No longer, as the OpenMarkets platform helps to ease these inefficiencies for all.

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