From improving collaboration to lowering your cost-of-sale, OpenMarkets is a new way for suppliers to efficiently sell equipment.

It's really hard to navigate complex healthcare organizations and complete the sale. What do you need to sell smarter?

We believe the answer lies in data and open collaboration with providers. Through OpenMarkets, Suppliers can gain insight to actionable data and trend analysis based on actual opportunities in the capital equipment procurement process.

Providers are improving the way they manage their capital spend through OpenMarkets. For the first time ever, Suppliers are now able to use new data to increase efficiencies and create smarter equipment transactions.

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Why Should Suppliers Join OpenMarkets?

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Reduced Sales & Marketing Costs

Clinicians, supply chain and finance teams across hundreds of hospitals use OpenMarkets every day, and suppliers in the OpenMarkets marketplace are front and center early in the procurement process.

Smart Channel

OpenMarkets helps a supplier cut through red tape, allowing for acceleration and identification of new opportunities early in the procurement process.


Providers conducted nearly 300 deals in the OpenMarkets marketplace last month.


The combined purchasing power of the OpenMarkets Network

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"Within our first two months, we were put in contact with a major provider network. It would have taken us much longer to connect with the right people, deliver our information, request a meeting and then deliver our product/company presentation. OpenMarkets made the introduction, product education, info drop and communication immediately."

Jason Pfeiffer, U.S. Sales Manager, Hospital Division, SERRES Inc.


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Control your presence, products and content. Automatically link your reps to key stakeholders' requests. Be connected to new opportunities and accelerate existing ones. Learn how to sell on the OpenMarkets Exchange.

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