Exchange - Product Discovery

  • The Exchange is an easy to use platform that saves time and money when researching, buying and selling equipment.
  • With a catalog of over 60,000 products, the Exchange reduces wasted time spent searching multiple websites.
  • Create accurate, up-to-date options and have confidence you are selecting the right product.

Exchange Premium - Equipment Formulary

  • Exchange Premium serves as the single, trusted resource for approved equipment across your health system.
  • Built in coordination with your trusted suppliers, Exchange Premium centralizes communication and quoting to create transparency to the early stages of selection and procurement.
  • Easily feeds capital budgeting systems to simplify how your end users, administrators and supply chain enforce standards and preferences.

Optimizer - Outsourced
Research and Procurement

  • The Optimizer platform gives providers access to a personal market analyst that delivers pricing on new, comparable or refurbished products for a flat monthly fee.
  • Optimizer helps providers understand the larger market and all product options available to their organization.
  • A personal seller's assistant to market, manage bids and sell pre-owned equipment for optimal value

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