Equipment Research

  • Featuring over 33,000 products and over 200 suppliers, the OpenMarkets Exchange is used by hundreds of providers for product discovery, research and procurement.
  • Health systems use Exchange Premium to build their own custom equipment formulary using only contracted suppliers and approved products.


Coastal Eye Care
Dr. Lawrence Piazza
from Coastal Eye Care
“OpenMarkets saved us the time on the search, put the quotes side by side so we could weigh our options, and ultimately saved us roughly $100,000 on this purchase”
Cleveland Clinic
Susan Hudson
Capital Buyer
Cleveland Clinic Martin Health System
“The Exchange is really good for me because it teaches me about the product, which helps me negotiate it better, helps me to save money. It gives me the ability to research products quickly, and I’ve even opened it up so other people at Martin can request quotes and research themselves.”
Steve Bodily
COO - Supply Chain
Bon Secours Mercy Health
“ I am confident that the platform will change the industry and we are excited to be at the forefront of that charge.”
Cottage Health
Noel Skaling, Director
Supply Chain Management
Cottage Health
“By working with OpenMarkets - I’m able to get the functionality of a buyer without paying for another FTE. “

Equipment Planning

  • CAP Connect is a system-wide platform to enable and automate vital collaboration between supply chain leaders, clinicians and administrators to successfully assess needs, budget and purchase equipment.
  • The adaptable design of CAP Connect fits any health systems unique conditions and easily integrates into existing systems.
  • Centralized, streamlined purchasing creates significant staff efficiencies and cost-savings.


Roger Larkin
Director of Supply Chain
Maury Regional Health Medical Center
“Trust in the capital process means that people only ask for what they need. Frustrations are lower and across the board, everyone is happier. In a very short time, our team has transitioned from tactical to strategic. The benefits of CAP Connect extend well beyond our procurement department. This is the best software and process implementation I’ve done in my career.”
Medical University Hospital Authority
Jennifer Simon
Capital Asset Planning
Medical University of South Carolina

“OpenMarkets has enabled us to be more efficient in our capital process. By partnering with us to customize and build our process into the software, we’re able to centralize our data and workflow. The OM platform provides us with a central repository of project information, spanning multiple fiscal years, from multiple sources, helping us create better forecasting, aggregation and contracted opportunities, and acts as our capital 'source of truth"

Guthrie Health
Julie Godfrey
VP - Finance
Guthrie Health

“It’s remarkable how much more transparency and visibility we have (with OpenMarkets). The financial impact is beyond our expectations and everyone is happy with how much waste we have removed from the process which in turn has saved time and money.”

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Equipment Purchasing

  • OpenMarkets Exchange brings a modern e-commerce experience to healthcare equipment purchasing.
  • Communicate directly with suppliers in a centralized way, complete with quote management, request tracking and messaging functionality.


St Charles Healthcare Logo
Corey Hammond
Value Analysis Coordinator
St. Charles Healthcare
“We knew that OpenMarkets had a wider network and better visibility into the broader healthcare equipment market. With the support of their team and technology, we secured our ventilators in just 24 hours.”
Cottage Health
Noel Skaling
Director - Supply Chain
Cottage Health

“By working with OpenMarkets - I’m able to get the functionality of a buyer without paying for another FTE. “

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Equipment Selling

  • When it’s time to replace aging equipment, list it for sale on the OpenMarkets Exchange. We help you manage and filter your offers.
  • Our ecosystem of reliable refurbishing partners regularly provides value beyond trade-in options beyond the trade-in alternative.



Regional One
Glenda Moore
Director of Materials Management
Regional One Health
“We had some old, outdated equipment that I put on OpenMarkets. We got a response, which was great, and we were able to get some cash and credit back for that. That’s when I started using OpenMarkets regularly to get quotes for new equipment, compare products that we needed, and make sure that we were getting the best price.”
Jennifer Simon
Capital Asset Planning
Medical University of South Carolina

 "We’ve also been able to achieve a significant return on value by selling equipment through OpenMarkets as well. It continues to be one of our most valuable and appreciated partnerships.”