Exchange - Product Discovery

Exchange Product Discovery
  • Communicate with reliable suppliers directly through a centralized messaging platform.
  • Track the status of all open and closed quote requests with ease.
  • Suppliers work within your set timeframe and budget.
  • Purchase equipment with confidence.
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Exchange Premium - Equipment Formulary

Exchange Premium Tablet
  • Exchange Premium helps build closer partnerships with preferred suppliers by augmenting contracts and streamlining communications.
  • End-users know exactly what they should be buying and who they should be buying from to get the right product.
  • Easily communicate equipment standards to stakeholders across the organization.

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Optimizer - Strategic Sourcing Support

Optimizer Outsourced Negotiation
  • Delivers on-demand price negotiation to capture every possible dollar of savings.
  • Concierge approach produces quote optimization for financial reviews and pricing analysis in a matter of days.
  • Ability to deliver quotes on comparable products, refurbished and demo units.
  • A personal seller's assistant to market, manage bids and sell pre-owned equipment for optimal value
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