CAP Connect - Managing Equipment Needs

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  • CAP Connect organizes, manages and automates the capital equipment planning process across multiple internal stakeholders and departments.
  • Creates a proactive equipment procurement program by informing your supply chain team with the right data at the right time.
  • Keeps all users organized with streamlined visibility to workflow; simple-to-use equipment budgeting creates transparency for all users.

The front-end to your
existing budgeting systems

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  • CAP Connect was built to adapt to any equipment planning process. We integrate with dozens of popular budgeting and enterprise planning applications so you can take advantage of our equipment directory without losing the power of your existing systems.

Quick and Efficient

  • Our average implementations take less than 20 hours.
  • Implementations are led by one of our experienced Success Managers who will provide strategic consultation and guidance to ensure that CAP Connect meets your business requirements from day one.

Partner Success

Julie Godfrey
VP - Finance
Guthrie Health

“It’s remarkable how much more transparency and visibility we have (with OpenMarkets). The financial impact is beyond our expectations and everyone is happy with how much waste we have removed from the process which in turn has saved time and money.”

Roger Larkin
Director of Supply Chain
Maury Regional Health
“With CAP Connect we estimate that we cut the time it takes to process a capital request in half.”
Jennifer Simon
Capital Asset Planning
Medical University of South Carolina
“OpenMarkets has enabled us to be more efficient in our capital process. By partnering with us to customize and build our process into the software, we’re able to centralize our data and workflow. The OM platform provides us with a central repository of project information, spanning multiple fiscal years, from multiple sources, helping us create better forecasting, aggregation and contracted opportunities, and acts as our capital “source of truth.” 
Norman Regional Health System
John Kott
Director, Supply Chain
Norman Regional Health

“OpenMarkets has empowered us to take control of our capital and minor equipment process.  We now have a robust planning and procurement tool that allows us to meet best practice expectations.  Combined with OpenMarkets sourcing resources, we have been able to reduce waste at our organization, become more efficient, and get more out of our capital dollars.”


Luke Martin
Director of Materials Management
Shannon Health System

“We owe OpenMarkets for helping us get more standardized. When I got here 5 years ago, we were about 50% standardized. Now, with the help of CAP, we’re 95% standardized.”

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