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Monitor Patients Effectively Using Avante's Envoy Plus Monitoring Station

OpenMarkets is proud to showcase Avante Health Solutions 'Envoy Plus Central Monitoring System.

This comprehensive central monitoring solution provides a seamless connection to all Avante bedside monitors. Health care providers will not have to worry while stepping away from a patient as the system offers remote monitoring management from transportation, hospitalization, anesthesia care, and more.

The Envoy Plus comes complete with features to advance your hospital's workflow. With Avante's system, you will be able to store and view up to 240 hours of trend data. Along with functions to store each patient's history data, Avante's technology allows you to make accurate decisions at a glance.

Avante's systems are built to always be ahead of the curve. That is why up to 64 units can be connected to the Envoy Plus Central Monitoring System, while typical systems only allow between 6 to 12 unit connections. Your hospital will be more efficient and productive than ever before with the system's web view and bidirectional communication.

If you are interested in taking your monitoring system to the next level, you can learn more about the Envoy Plus here!

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Hawley Valentine
Hawley Valentine

Hawley is the leader of our Customer Success team. Hawley manages our marketing, data analysis, and reinforcing relationships with providers and suppliers within the OpenMarkets platform. Hawley is passionate about improving the health of others. Before OpenMarkets, Hawley was a leader in the healthcare field supporting large enterprise clientele ensuring the health and wellbeing of their employee populations.

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