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UConn Health Partners with OpenMarkets to add efficiency and savings to their equipment procurement process

UConn Health, a leader in groundbreaking research, first-rate education, and quality clinical care has partnered with OpenMarkets to streamline their capital equipment procurement process.

Based in Farmington, CT, UConn Health has signed a multi-year agreement to utilize OpenMarkets' data-driven support to drive efficiencies and purchasing outcomes across the health system.

As a state institution, clinical and supply chain teams across UConn Health are charged with creating positive procurement outcomes under strict local regulations. This includes the need for multiple options for equipment and to continually strive for healthy financial outcomes. The Optimizer solution is now in place to help by creating a platform-driven process to create options, early in the procurement process, and to deliver analytics and support as the UConn team finalizes key equipment and service contract agreements.

How This Solution Supports UConn Health:

  • Delivers on-demand advisory to drive smarter and faster procurement decisions

  • Concierge approach produces quote optimization for financial reviews and pricing analysis in a matter of days

  • The full functionality of a buyer without paying for an FTE

  • A personal seller's assistant to market, manage bids, and sell pre-owned equipment for optimal value

With OpenMarkets, UConn Health will be able to achieve value verification, gather budgetary quotes, access real time aggregation opportunities and reference historical transaction activity/savings over time!

About Author

Kerrigan Schmidt
Kerrigan Schmidt

Kerrigan is the Customer Operations & Marketing Manager at OpenMarkets. She manages our marketing on the platform, leads our data team, and supports both our provider and supplier partners. She graduated from The Ohio State University with a Bachelor of Arts in Sociology and minor in Public Health.

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