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Service Elevated. Certified Pre-Owned Lasers Are A Smarter Investment

Sentient Lasers® is the solutions company in the aesthetic laser industry. We know the high costs of purchasing aesthetic lasers can make profitability nearly impossible. Elective cosmetic and aesthetic procedures have become a fast-growing way to create new revenue streams. With our Blue Dot Certified lasers, we offer our clients the ability to purchase lasers with significant savings. Choose to BUY BLUE.

The vision for Sentient Lasers® was one born of necessity. The necessity for a reputable company in the aesthetic laser space is obvious – any cursory internet search will expose hundreds of practitioners that have had a negative experience in the laser arena from a large number of different firms.

Sentient Lasers® began revolutionizing the laser industry in 2008, and continues to expand on its mission of providing the best customer experience available.  We invest great resources into our engineering department and are known for delivering the highest quality, most reliable aesthetic lasers to physicians, aesthetic chains, and med spas around the world. Our salespeople are taught to listen to our customers, and to help them choose the laser, IPL, or RF device that will provide the maximum financial benefit to their business.

We have thousands of happy customers and are always looking to add more to that list.


What makes you different?

Our Blue Dot Seal of Approval sets the industry standard, demonstrating the quality of our products, and giving doctors the confidence and peace of mind in these critical pieces of equipment for their business.

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  • Founded in 2008

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