Accuvein Vein Locating Device Helps Increase Patient Satisfaction and Reduce Catheter Costs

No one wants to be a pin cushion. Have you ever had blood drawn or been given an IV only to have your arm painfully stuck multiple times with a needle? In fact, 95% of patients that come to a hospital are given an IV or blood draw. In adults, 35% of IVs fail, and in pediatrics, that number jumps to 52%.  

These failures lead to dramatic costs associated with delays in procedures, wasted medical supplies, unnecessary escalations and catheter-related infections. Whether you’re talking about patient satisfaction, escalating costs or therapeutic risks, such as infections or delays in treatments, the problems are significant. AccuVein can help you solve them. 

AccuVein brings to you the world’s first handheld, non-contact vein illumination solution on the OpenMarkets Exchange. Vein visualization is now recommended by 2021 INS Standards of Practice. Innovative imaging equipment allows healthcare facilities to provide advanced patient care and OpenMarkets is eager to help bring AccuVein’s latest vein visualization device, the AV500, to market. 

A wide range of independent studies demonstrate the efficacy of AccuVein’s vein visualization technology. These studies show that AccuVein helps improve first-stick success rates, reduce pain, cut procedure time and improve catheter dwell time. 

  • 3.5x improvement in first stick success 
  • 45% reduction in escalations to other nurses and staff 
  • 81% improvement in ability to cannulate
  • 59% reduction in pain 
  • 78% reduction in procedure time 

Some patient’s veins are harder to find than others. Due to factors such as age, weight, skin tone, and dehydration, patients labeled “hard sticks” dread hospitals visits in which nurses have to stick and probe to find a vein. This uncomfortable and painful process leads to bruising and anxiety over the next time they need a procedure. The AccuVein vein finder puts patients at ease before the first stab, knowing they no longer need the full nursing team and 10 sticks to receive an IV.  

Any department in a hospital or healthcare facility where blood is drawn, or IV lines are started, can —and do— benefit from using vein visualization. AccuVein helps achieve rapid, successful venous access with minimum patient pain. 

“ AccuVein’s product makes nurses’ workloads less time consuming and simpler. Instead of spending time waiting for IV assistance to help with an IV start, the nurses are able to handle a lot of them…” 

-Director of Nursing, Medical Center (NY) 

Nurses no longer need to guess when it comes to finding a vein and can reduce the time it takes to put a line in. The AccuVein visualization device reduces cost from use of less PICC lines and IO Drill needles. Not to mention, severe infections can be prevented. Buy the AccuVein AV500 and your departments will be fighting over who gets to use it next.  

“Where is it? – we need it!” 

“Other departments are jealous that we have the AccuVein.” 

-Children’s Research Hospital – Anesthesia Department 

OpenMarkets is excited to welcome AccuVein to our supplier community. Detailed information about the AccuVein vein locating device and 125+ more suppliers can be found on the OpenMarkets platform. Sign-up or log-in to the OpenMarkets Exchange today at no cost. 

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