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OpenMarkets Cares to Support United Way’s COVID-19 Fund

OpenMarkets is proud to announce that our OpenMarkets Cares program is now supporting the United Way’s COVID-19 Community Response and Recovery Fund

Started nearly a year ago, OpenMarkets Cares is a program to give back to the community and support causes important to healthcare and our team. Since its inception, OpenMarkets Cares has supported the Ronald McDonald House by making a donation for every purchase made through the OpenMarkets platform. Donations will now be headed towards the United Way. 

“The healthcare equipment market is operating in a new way,” said OpenMarkets CEO Trevor Wood. “Purchasing volume is way up. Once patients started coming in and patient volume started going up, more equipment became a necessity, like beds, wheelchairs, respirators, pumps, isolation carts and stretchers.” 

"The big increase in activity across healthcare is certainly felt here at OpenMarkets, and we look forward to giving back more than ever before through our OpenMarkets Cares program. With 95% of all donations going straight to those in need, the United Way's COVID-19 Relief Fund is certainly a worthy and important way to give back, and we are excited about the opportunity to contribute.”

Coupled with the need to #stayathome, and the fact that sales rep visits are curtailed for the immediate future, hospitals are turning more and more to online procurement. OpenMarkets helps all sides with this, facilitating more efficient equipment purchasing. 

And now, with more purchasing being done on OpenMarkets, more donations will be headed to the United Way’s important COVID-19 relief fund. 

To get started, simply log into the platform here or describe your immediate needs here


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OpenMarkets is an online platform connecting Health Systems to much needed equipment. Backed by 120+ suppliers featuring 35,000+ products, OpenMarkets helps 1,300+ providers simplify how they purchase equipment. To learn more about how OpenMarkets can help with equipment purchasing and get started today, please contact exchange@openmarketshealth.com.

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