Convert Your Decommissioned, Unused Equipment Assets into Cash

With an impressive 20 years in the industry as a highly rated and well established supplier of pre-owned, refurbished and new medical equipment, The Alternative Source Medical is your one-stop-shop for all healthcare equipment needs. In partnership with OpenMarkets, The Alternative Source Medical’s primary service includes converting your decommissioned, unused equipment assets into cash.

When you are ready to part with un-used equipment or depreciated assets, The Alternative Source Medical team through the OpenMarkets Exchange, can provide you with a return on your investment by selling those items to them for cash, or, if you prefer, a credit towards future purchases, without any contractual obligations.

When working with you to purchase your equipment, each situation will be uniquely evaluated. The Alternative Source Medical offers an onsite visit in which they perform the physical inventory for you, providing detailed documentation of the items. Or, in these unprecedented times, a valuation from an emailed inventory list may be more convenient.

“Upon acceptance and agreement, we will then remove the equipment from your facility at no cost, and payment will be made after the equipment has been verified in their possession” Randy Heller, Vice President of The Alternative Source Medical explains.


A sourcing manager at Advocate Aurora Health can attest to The Alternative Source Medical’s dedication and responsiveness during the COVID-19 pandemic:

“When AAH found ourselves with a need for several hundred MedSurge beds to accommodate the expected surge of hospitalized COVID patients, Randy was there for us when our usual contracted Bed vendors were not. As soon as he knew we had a need for beds, his first priority was to get beds ready for our use. Within days, we were ready to deploy the first beds. If ASM had not made these beds available, we would not have been able to accommodate as many patients in our IL hospitals that we did.”


The OpenMarkets team is proud to have The Alternative Source Medical on our platform, and their services can be found conveniently on The OpenMarkets Exchange. Detailed information about The Alternative Source Medical and 125+ more suppliers can be found on the OpenMarkets platform. Sign-up or log-in to the OpenMarkets Exchange today at no cost.


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