Alternative Source Medical: A One-stop Shop for All Your Equipment Needs

For over twenty years, Alternative Source Medical has been an industry leader in providing new, used, and professionally refurbished medical and surgical equipment.

Alternative Source's industry leading practices did not come overnight. Over the years, Alternative Source has spent countless hours learning about their customers and products. To them, this means encouraging open communication with healthcare providers and going to hospitals to observe how the equipment is used in surgical procedures and clinical settings.

Alternative Source's valued customers notice the difference as well. Customer reviews rave about great communication and helpfulness in the purchasing process. When ordering from a supplier like Alternative Source Medical, you know you will be getting your product on time without any hiccups. Just take it from the customer below explaining their satisfaction with Alternative Source's persistent customer service.

"... it is a beauty. Excellent structure, very good looking, and exactly what I needed. The company hung in there and did what they needed to do to get the stool to me. Excellent service!"

Alternative Source's outstanding services do not stop there! Beyond being a one-stop shop for buying healthcare equipment, Alternative Source is happy to buy any of your equipment that you no longer need. Alternative Source will make sure that your extra equipment goes to good use helping other patients in need of care.

To learn more about what Alternative Source can do for your organization, click here!

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Hawley Valentine
Hawley Valentine

Hawley is the leader of our Customer Success team. Hawley manages our marketing, data analysis, and reinforcing relationships with providers and suppliers within the OpenMarkets platform. Hawley is passionate about improving the health of others. Before OpenMarkets, Hawley was a leader in the healthcare field supporting large enterprise clientele ensuring the health and wellbeing of their employee populations.

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