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MEQL Helps You Acquire the Medical Equipment You Need!

Med-E-Quip Locators has over 40 years of combined medical sales and customer service experience. Headquartered in the St. Louis area - MEQL is known for providing exceptional medical equipment rentals.

Med-E-Quip locators serves the healthcare community by buying and selling medical equipment. While sourcing equipment for providers, MEQL makes sure to put the customer first by listening to their needs.

MEQL is a one-stop-shop for your hospital, with services ranging from standard annual maintenance to machine specific calibrations. This experience, alongside MEQL's policy of quality first and customer satisfaction, makes the foundation for its longstanding success.

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Hawley Valentine
Hawley Valentine

Hawley is the leader of our Customer Success team. Hawley manages our marketing, data analysis, and reinforcing relationships with providers and suppliers within the OpenMarkets platform. Hawley is passionate about improving the health of others. Before OpenMarkets, Hawley was a leader in the healthcare field supporting large enterprise clientele ensuring the health and wellbeing of their employee populations.

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