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Renting and Financing Options for New and Used Equipment

Rent or Finance? Find the Right Equipment Procurement Plan for your Patient Demand 

Shortly after the Covid pandemic began in 2020, Master Medical Equipment realized the financial crisis that faced many hospitals, clinics, and first responders. Budgets were quickly exhausted, and revenues stalled due to an influx of patients and paperwork within the healthcare system. America watched as almost every healthcare facility and EMS organization found themselves in dire need of more equipment. Most could not afford the steep price tag of new or used life-saving artillery, and there was instant fear that they wouldn’t secure it fast enough to meet their demands. MME then conceived a new financial framework that allowed for unique, customizable plans that include trade-ins or multi-optional unit packages that can be shipped quickly for immediate patient care. 

JEM Financial, a partner company with MME, now provides renting and financing options for new and used equipment to customers worldwide. While both solutions offer different advantages, renting or financing lets healthcare facilities temporarily boost their equipment over a short or long term. After listening to customers explain the hardships they faced with acquiring expensive equipment, JEM Financial decided to execute more flexible & creative solutions than what other financial institutions currently offer the healthcare industry. Crucial medical equipment such as Defibrillators, Monitors, Ventilators, AEDs, Pulse Oximeters, ECG/EKGs, IV Pumps, and Stretchers are now available in any configuration, quantity, or timeframe needed. 

Financing and renting solutions have proven to resolve many pressing budget issues for clinicians and first responders. While short and long-term financing is appealing because of the flexible payment options, renting appears to be more suitable for seasonal equipment needs, pandemic inflation, or short-term fleet boosters for special events. Renting also allows you to try before buying multiple types of units, which affords the practitioner intimate access to the latest technology. Monthly payments usually include warranties, tax, service/maintenance options, and delivery costs. 

Both MME and JEM understand the needs of their frontline customers and have chosen to operate with full disclosure of no closing fees or hidden charges for an early payoff. Units always arrive patient-ready with necessary accessories to put to immediate use. To learn more about how you can grow your machinery needs, connect with MME & JEM Financial on the Open Markets Exchange today! 

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Hawley Valentine

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