How to Maximize Ultrasound Performance at Your Facility

For modern medical facilities, maintaining an entire fleet of ultrasound equipment can be a time-consuming, costly undertaking. Sourcing ultrasound systems, making sure each system is in working order, keeping track of ultrasound transducers, performing the necessary routine maintenance and arranging for occasional repairs not only takes away from operating budgets but it also cuts into valuable time that could be used to handle more cases. To maximize the efficiency of ultrasound systems in your facility, OpenMarkets has partnered with Avante Health Solutions to provide comprehensive services from capital equipment, to service and repairs, parts, and training. 

New and Refurbished Ultrasound Systems and Probes

OpenMarkets, paired with Avante, creates an efficient buying process through being your one source for both new and professionally refurbished ultrasound systems. As a provider of Samsung Point of Care ultrasounds, Avante offers facilities cutting edge innovation in ultrasound imaging. Avante also carries an extensive selection of refurbished ultrasound units from leading manufacturers including GE, Philips, SonoSite, Siemens, and Toshiba, all featured on the Exchange. With more than 10,000 ultrasound transducers in stock and ready to ship, Avante is sure to have the exact probe for your needs on the OpenMarkets Exchange.

Preventive Maintenance, Service, and Repair

When an equipment problem arises at your facility, you need trained ultrasound technicians ready to be onsite and get you back up and running. But proper equipment service isn’t just about emergency turnarounds. Regularly scheduled preventive maintenance is a key step in keeping ultrasound equipment in top shape, stopping many problems before they arise. OpenMarkets can help Imaging facilities stay ahead by organizing connections with Avante for all service and repair needs.

Avante partners with facilities across the United States to deliver customized ultrasound service solutions. Service contracts vary from preventive maintenance only to full, comprehensive coverage. Avante field service engineers are stationed throughout the country and are factory trained to be able to assess and solve any equipment issue at your facility.

Fast, Simplified Transducer Repair

Did you know that one in four ultrasound transducers needs some sort of repair? These devices undergo daily use and are in direct contact with patients, causing most ultrasound probes to eventually exhibit signs of wear and tear. To help facilities keep their ultrasound transducers in proper working order, Avante provides industry-leading probe repair services. Avante can diagnose your current probe, make needed repairs, and then deliver a repaired probe to you in as few as three days, at a fraction of the cost of purchasing a new probe. Our innovative HotSwap™ program simplifies the process by allowing you to exchange your defective probe for the repair price.

Replacement Ultrasound Parts

Check out Avante’s large inventory of in-stock parts and accessories ready to ship to your facility on the OpenMarkets Exchange. The wide selection includes the most sought-after parts in the industry, from circuit boards, to power supplies, LCD assemblies, acquisition models, control panel assemblies, and more. All parts are tested and then sealed in anti-static packaging, before being stored and shipped out when needed. Avante also offers free parts identification, hero kits and technical support to customers.

Hands-On Ultrasound Training

Avante and OpenMarkets are committed to empowering the biomedical community with outstanding ultrasound training programs. Through cost-effective, hands-on coursework, engineers are able to take advantage of Avante’s years of expertise to immediately impact day-to-day operations at their facilities. Avante offers small class sizes from the best instructors in the industry, with access to a video training library for reference in the field.

Equipment experts at Avante Health Solutions are making it easier and more affordable for every hospital, clinic and medical practice to have the very best equipment, supplies and service. With the pairing of OpenMarkets’ efficient buying platform and Avante’s expertise and resources, medical facilities can maximize their equipment while also saving time and money. Learn more about Avante’s capital equipment solutions for a variety of modalities including ultrasound, diagnostic imaging, patient monitoring, surgical equipment, and radiation oncology with the form below.

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