Med-Mizer Activates Independence, Safety and Comfort With Just a Push of a Button

Med-Mizer Has Teamed Up With OpenMarkets To Help You Attack Safety Issues Such As Falls, Mobility, Gait Training And More!

Med-Mizer is an American based company founded by a US veteran to provide outstanding care to all patients for their equipment needs. They are a purveyor of clinical bed frames on many levels, aesthetically pleasing tilt and space chairs, mobility beds, lifts and much more. With Med-Mizer’s introduction to the OpenMarkets Exchange, their wide range of innovative equipment is available to our providers.

With the onset of the COVID-19, Med-Mizer has come to realize that having locally available options for your equipment needs is not only prudent but necessary. Having the ability to procure your equipment without long wait times and constant back an forth is essential to running everyday business. Med-Mizer has increased its ability to offer their products with the help of OpenMarkets’ wide reach.

With everything being virtual and our new landscape becoming “ZOOM” like with less face-to-face meetings, having the OpenMarkets platform enables Med-Mizer to offer providers a full rundown of their services and equipment via Zoom presentations and live demonstrations when possible.

Med-Mizer is proud to offer its leading innovative products across a wide range of markets within the health provider industry. Products manufactured by Med-Mizer featured on the OpenMarkets Exchange include:

  • The AllCare Floor Level Low Bed — enhance safety and simplify equipment needs
  • The FlexTilt Chair — tilt-in-space recline chair
  • The Med-Rizer — electric patient lift

Watch Med-Mizer’s video about their innovative ActiveCare Bed here.

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Tom Derrick
Tom Derrick

Tom leads a range of core functions for OpenMarkets, including strategic partnerships and business development. Prior to OpenMarkets, Tom served as a senior communications director for a rapidly growing medical device manufacturer, and as a D.C.-based public relations director conducting advocacy for the orthotic and prosthetic community. Tom is a co-founder of OpenMarkets. He has degrees from Wake Forest and DePaul Universities.

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